Wednesday, July 25, 2007

and we have a winner!

i promise this is the last post about the contest! today i put each person's name, who commented on their vote, in a hat and drew out Tacky...back in time- who will be received a little prize soon!

and, my little business officially has a new name- Little Red Market! i really like this name so am super excited about it, but it will be a little while before everything is transitioned (there are more things to change than i realized!). so far i've opened a new shop on Etsy and am working on publishing a new blog just for Little Red Market. i'm also struggling with Photoshop to design new business cards, banners etc (not my strong point...).

i'll be sure to post when everything is in order, thanks for stopping by :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

the votes are in!

the poll has ended and i've basically been left with a tie! 3 people voted for The Apron Thief and 4 voted for Little Red Market. I know Little Red Market technically won, but it's so close I don't know which one to choose! i think i'll have to think on it for a couple days, but in the meantime i'll be doing that little drawing and awarding a sweet prize to one of my very helpful contributors :) thanks again everyone! (i'm excited, can you tell...)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

vote and win a prize!!

i've been thinking about changing my business name for awhile- to something more representative of my personality, interests, and work. i know it will be a big change in my world, but i'm pretty excited about getting a great new name. sooo, i've finally narrowed down a huge list to a handful of names and posted them in a poll, which is located just to the right of this post, in the sidebar. it would help me out a lot, in deciding, if anyone and everyone would vote.

as a little incentive i will be offering a prize to those who help me out! all you have to do is vote in the poll then leave a comment on this post with your name and email. when the voting time is up i'll draw names and you'll win a sweet lil' somethin'!

thanks a bunch,
wren :)

p.s. i'd also be thrilled to hear your thoughts on the name options, or suggestions for new ones!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

a quick hello...

just thought i'd drop in for a quick hello! i haven't been around in a couple weeks (wow, time flies), but wanted to share a few pictures (yes, that's me to the left...). i've been busy busy enjoying the summer- swimming, camping, painting our bedroom, and reorganizing (again) my workspace. [my beau told me recently that he thinks i'm a little ocd about organization- i think he may be right- but at least i enjoy it, right! ] without further ado here are some photos of my time escaping from the heat:
the 3 above photos were taken while swimming on the 4th in a pretty river in the coast range of Oregon (between the valley where i live and the coast). that is my little brother and lovely sister-in-law in the second photo- as you can see Able is "swimming" on land... :)

these other photos were taken while camping, in the same coast range area, last weekend. the Oregon forests really take my breath away sometimes, so i had to share a couple photos... the ones below feature the camping party in our sweet little spot hanging out and making smoores!i hope you enjoyed my little photos, thanks for stopping by!